about us

Who are we?

Saddlewerkz is a company formed by a small group of big hearted coaches, passionate about encouraging every learner to overcome their fears of learning to ride a bicycle (yes! You do NOT need to fall!), and to guide our learners to appreciate SAFE cycling on the public paths.

Our coaches are certified by SportSG and are actively engaged by MOE schools, international schools, Special Education schools and privately.

Our Methods

We have developed a coaching system mainly focused on CPL – Character Progressive Learning.

Our learners are all regarded as individuals with varying abilities and needs, and our methodology focuses on effective results every session with the least number of injuries possible. We strive to ensure our learners enjoy the process and appreciate their individual progress. Even in group settings, everyone is taught to encourage each other regardless!

The instructors, Elisa & Joseph are very patient & encouraging. Clear step by step instructions were provided to each individual with specific guidance for areas for growth. Customised strategies were also provided based on individual responses.
Thank you for this wonderful first experience!!!

Josephine Wong

Coach Elise

Mother of 4 children, born in 1981


Elise has been a leisure runner for the past 25 years and has competed in multiple running events since Secondary school. She started triathlons 7 years ago and found her love for cycling through multi sports even though she faced objection from her family.


Through time and resilience, she managed to change the beliefs of her family to support her passion. A positive, determined and sunshine girl, Elise believes that every individual is unique and has the ability to achieve whatever they set their hearts and minds to.


She has a particular passion to guide beginners and believes strongly in “progress, not perfection”. Elise has facilitated multiple cycling programs for ActiveSG, MOE Secondary schools and special needs schools. She is a member of the NROC, a certified Level 1 & 2 and a Singapore Cycle Safe trainer.


·       Singapore Coach Excellence Program Integrated Level 1 (Cycling) by Sport Singapore and Singapore Cycling Federation

·       Values and Principles in Sports by Singapore Sports and MOE

·       Singapore Cycle Safe Trainer Level 1 & 2 by Singapore Cycling Federation

·       Basic Sports Science by Republic Polytechnic

·       First Aid, CPR & AED by Axxonn

·       MOE Registered Instructor

Coach Joseph

Father of one teenager, born in 1973


Joseph has been known by his peers as a fun, caring and active guy since young. He had a nickname given by his teacher as “Sunshine boy”. A carefree person who is willing to share his knowledge and care for the others.


Joseph has been a cyclist at a tender age of 8. And ever since then, he became an avid cyclist who rides almost daily till date. From BMX, to mountain bike, he just rides. He also participated in triathlons and duathlons during National Service days.


He believes age is only a number, as long we have a willing heart, nothing is impossible. His passion led him to contribute to the society n sports community by sharing and guiding parents and helped learners alike to pick up cycling. He also coach cycling in schools, and ad hoc events. This is the 4th year he is coaching the community. 


Joseph is also a member of NROC and a certified coach by Sports Singapore.



·   Singapore Coach Excellence Programme Integrated Level 1 by Sports Singapore

·       Basic Sports Science by Republic Polytechnic

·   Safe Cycling Programme Level 1 & 2 by Singapore Cycling Federation

·       Value and Principles in Sports by Sports Singapore and MOE

·       Certificate of Bicycle maintenance and repair

·       Certified First Aider (CPR and AED) by N2 Hub

·       MOE Registered Instructor